21c Museum Hotel Kansas City, Kansas City, MO

For 21c Kansas City, the design team faced an unusual challenge: how to transform a beloved local landmark with a deeply layered history into a 21st century hospitality experience. Originally built in 1888 as the Savoy Hotel, the building was added onto over time and features an eclectic mix of Victorian and Arts and Crafts architectural details, finishes, murals, as well as 20th century historical markers and other elements. Since all 21c projects are designed to be true to place, respecting this history—quirks and all—was paramount to the project, even as we create an experience of this century that reflects and enriches Kansas City today.

Rather than conceal or strip away these many elements, the approach was to highlight and dramatize the multiple layers to create a one-of-a-kind immersive environment that could only be found in Kansas City, Missouri.

113,000 square feet
Completed 2018

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Portrait 21c kc   site aerial 01
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Collaborating Firms
Deborah Berke Partners – Design Architect
Hufft Projects – Executive Architect
Bob D Campbell & Co. – Structural Engineer
PKMR Engineers – Mechanical Engineer
S&S Engineering – Electric/Plumbing Engineer
Rosin Preservation – Historic Consultant
STRATA Architecture + Preservation – Envelope Consultant
Avant Acoustics – A/V Design
Illumination Works – Lighting Designer