Dickinson College Residence Hall, Carlisle, PA

On a site that faces the main thoroughfare of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, we designed this new residence hall at Dickinson College to present a formal front to the street and a more casual face to a lawn (and future quadrangle) to the south. Stone facades on the public side match the stone of the historic Dickinson campus across the street.

On the lawn side, we designed an active and light-filled “campus-connected” facade of large windows and weathered-zinc panels. Whereas the front of the building is at home among Dickinson’s historic buildings, the back activates its environs and fills the building with light.

The interior is designed to encourage sociability and casual encounters. A large living room/kitchen provides space for events, dining, and study. Casual seating areas are placed in the hallways creating informal suites of rooms. Glass enclosed meeting rooms with white boards facilitate collaborative learning and group projects. Hallways end in floor to ceiling windows, which allow natural light into the core of the building and create visual connection to nature and the historic campus.

The building houses 130 students.

40,500 square feet

Completed 2018

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Key People
Maitland Jones
Rhoda Kennedy, Project Lead
Aaron Plewke, Project Manager

Collaborating Firms
Deborah Berke Partners – Architect and Interior Designer
Andropogon – Landscape Architect
Kohler Ronan – MEP Engineer
Steven Winter Associates – LEED/Environmental Consultant
PHT Lighting – Lighting Consultant

LEED Platinum certification