Mercer Street Loft, New York, NY

Although this residence is on the 6th floor of an historic SoHo loft building, we designed it intentionally to bear no trace of its former industrial life. We planned this apartment around a large open room, concealing the columns in new volumes of wood or plaster. Unlike many lofts this apartment is unexpectedly suffuse with light and air. We enhanced this unusual character by placing a large translucent glass wall to separate a bedroom from the main living space. As a result, the apartment is filled with diffuse south light. The floors are a rich brown-black oak. The bathtub in the master bedroom is assembled from three-inch-thick slabs of Manhattan schist.

3,600 Square Feet
Completed 2000

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Portrait mercer street loft new york ny 2000 drawing

Key People
Deborah Berke
Maitland Jones, Project Lead
Marc Leff, Project Designer

Published in Vanity Fair, May 2001.
Awarded the AIANY Design Award for Interior Architecture in 2001.