The New School College of Performing Arts, New York, NY

We developed a Master Plan for The New School’s Arnhold Hall to envision the 105,000-square-foot building as a home for The New School College of Performing Arts. The College brings together the School of Jazz, School of Drama and Mannes School of Music.

The first phase of our work was to relocate Mannes College from the Upper West Side to Arnhold Hall. We created an identity for Mannes, a conservatory within an urban campus, by discovering and giving prominence to significant volumes within the existing building. The project is distinguished by acoustic performance, and materials, colors, and graphics that give architectural presence.

As the second step in executing the Master Plan, we also designed strategic renovations to the first floor, most notably a glass-walled, highly-visible “process lab” where student experimentation gives expression to the building.

39,500 square feet
Completed 2015

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Portrait mannes college at the new school new york ny inprogress drawing
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Key People
Maitland Jones
Rhoda Kennedy, Project Lead

Collaborating Firms
Deborah Berke Partners – Architect and Interior Designer
Robert Silman Associates – Structural Engineer
Akustiks – Acoustical Engineer
PHT Lighting – Lighting Consultant