Tiny House, Long Island, NY

The Tiny House is a 250 square foot house that serves as a writing studio and place for repose within an expansive landscape. A small entry vestibule doubles as a wet bar and leads into the structure’s primary space, a 10’ x 13’ room with oversize windows to the south and west. Clerestory windows on the north and east fill the house with indirect and morning light. At the back of the structure, a boldly painted outdoor garden sink offers a work surface for tending the nearby vegetable gardens. Next to the bright sink is a galvanized steel spiral staircase that leads to a roof deck with panoramic views of the lawn and gardens beyond.

The Tiny House project also includes two outdoor spaces in addition to the house itself: a 15’ x 35’ dining pavilion and a 12’ x 15’ cooking pavilion. We designed the pavilions with light steel frames, weathered wooden joists and white polycarbonate panels. Together, the three structures create a complex that is used for a range of activities throughout the day.

250 square feet
Completed 2014

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Key People
Deborah Berke
Ameet Hiremath, Project Lead
Arthi Krishnamoorthy, Project Manager

Collaborating Firms
Deborah Berke Partners – Architect and Site Planner
Pepe Lopez Design – Interior Designer
Edwina von Gal – Landscape Designer
PHT Lighting – Lighting Designer

Tiny House won a Design Award of Excellence from AIA New York State and a 2016 SARA NY Design Award.