West Chelsea Apartment, New York, NY

Our goal in this interior design and architectural project was to juxtapose a significant contemporary art collection with a riff on a traditional interior, one more typical of Park Avenue than Chelsea. The apartment sits above newly-built and active commercial space and intentionally remains distinct from it in personality and tone. All the rooms, as well as the exterior spaces, were conceived as locations for ever-changing art installations.

Originally completed in 2007, we redesigned the interiors in 2016.

3,340 square feet including professional and family space

Portrait ww 300 120
Portrait ww 300 059
Portrait ww 300 282
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Portrait west chelsea apartment new york ny 2007
Portrait ww 300 259
Portrait west chelsea apartment new york ny 2007 drawing

Key People
Caroline Wharton Ewing, Project Lead – Interiors
Elizabeth Chadkin, Project Designer – Interiors

Collaborating Firms
Deborah Berke Partners – architecture and interiors
Paula Hayes – landscape

Published in Galerie, in Summer 2017, and T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Oct. 7, 2007